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“80% of the world’s lithium hydroxide is produced in China, largely by non-integrated ‘merchant’ producers sourcing spodumene concentrate from Western Australia. As global automotive companies electrify their fleets, we expect them to increasingly seek ex-China sources of lithium supply, and North Carolina is ideally-positioned to benefit given its proximity to major auto markets in the US and Europe, and the deep lithium talent pool resident in the region.”



President and Chief Executive Officer

Integrated Operations

Piedmont Lithium is a fully integrated spodumene-to-hydroxide company using proven technologies to convert spodumene to battery-grade lithium hydroxide. Piedmont Lithium is a U.S.-based project focused on spodumene conversion for American electric vehicle and battery storage markets.

Piedmont’s ideal location within the North Carolina Tin-Spodumene Belt (TSB) has been described as one of the largest lithium regions in the world. As global automotive companies electrify their fleets, North Carolina remains a prime location to support a growing need for a regional source of lithium, given its proximity to major auto markets in the US and it’s deep residential lithium talent pool.

Piedmont is able to maintain a positive ESG profile throughout it’s operations by supporting automotive companies that prefer spodumene-sourced hydroxide for sustainability reasons and by powering it’s chemical plant entirely using low carbon sources.

The Project

The Piedmont Lithium Project is located in one of the premier regions in the world for lithium exploration given its favorable geology and ideal location, providing easy access to infrastructure, power, and R&D, and major high-tech population centers for lithium and battery storage markets.

One of four projects, globally, Piedmont Lithium’s integrated solution consists of mine-concentrator and chemical plant that is well aligned to provide U.S. and European Automotive manufacturers with an independent, secure, American option to support their EV supply chains.

Comprehensive pre-feasibility and scoping studies, released in 2020, demonstrates Piedmont Lithium’s ability to expand into a strategic, low-cost producer of battery-grade lithium hydroxide. By-products quartz, feldspar, and mica will provide credits to the cost of lithium production.

A Lithium-Rich Region, 

Geologically, the Piedmont Lithium Project lies within the Inner Piedmont belt adjacent to the Kings Mountain shear zone, which separates the Inner Piedmont belt from the Kings Mountain belt to the east. Our core landholding currently consists of 1199 acres and we are actively and aggressively adding further options to considerably expand our presence in the region.

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