Accountable to Our Business, Community and Stakeholders

Our Commitment

Piedmont Lithium is committed to producing lithium and other chemical products that are essential to supporting the development of cleaner transportation technologies. We are also committed to protecting our people, the environment and the well-being of communities we operate in.

Environment, Health & Safety

Piedmont Lithium operates honestly and ethically supporting environmental, public and corporate initiatives focused on the safety, health and well being of our community and workforce. We are dedicated to operating in full compliance with all agency regulations governing our business practices.


Piedmont Lithium continues to develop its Corporate Social Responsibility position including identifying key values that reflect our continual commitment to supporting global efforts. Our part in the process includes pinpointing hazards, analyzing risks and implementing standards for mining operations and supply chain activities as well developing internal safety standards and guidelines to mitigate the risks and hazards associated with our entire value chain.


Company-wide, we understand that every interaction and every decision we make has an impact both close and far reaching. This is why the commitments we have to our community are so important as we continue to develop our operations to be responsible, sustainable and, most importantly, SAFE.