Piedmont Lithium puts precedence on protecting its employees and operations.

Corporate Culture

At Piedmont Lithium, we believe in being a good corporate citizen. Our corporate culture is one that embraces and promotes sustainability, integrity, safety, and community efforts while working to reduce the impact of our technology and our overall environmental footprint.

Our Goals

We believe in full transparency when it comes to the safety of our employees and the community we operate in. Throughout our development process, we are committed to maintaining open communications with the community, government, and mediaWe select priority issues where communication and outreach provides beneficial results for our stakeholders, employees and our community while maintaining integrity, government compliance, and goals designed to address global climate and energy initiatives. These measures include protecting against risks that would negatively affect our goal of being a low-carbon producer.

Ethical Labor Practices

We understand that a responsible and accountable supply chain isn’t just good for people and the planet — it’s good for business. That is why we focus on developing a working environment where our employees are not only knowledgeable but proud to be part of our team. Piedmont promotes:    

  • a team-based culture where workers are treated with dignity and respect to create a stronger, more empowered community and work environment
  • employee education that provides information about risks and policies through training and consistent communication
  • people-based programs that ensure safety, collaboration and open communication