Why Lithium?

Piedmont Lithium is an American source of lithium hydroxide focused on meeting the needs of the Electric Vehicle industry and stationary storage markets in the USA and Europe.

Green Energy

The U.S. used almost nine billion barrels of petroleum in 2019 alone, with two-thirds used for transportation, Electric Vehicles (EVs) can help to reduce our reliance on petroleum as well as reduce emissions that contribute to climate change. The benefits of conventional internal combustion engines fall short when compared to powering vehicles with electricity. EVs provide global markets with more diversity when it comes to fuel choices.

Alternative Source

Electric Vehicles and energy storage systems rely on lithium as a critical component of battery manufacturing, making this metal one of the most sought after resources today. To reduce major auto manufacturers’ reliance on foreign sourcing of this critical mineral, Piedmont Lithium is able to provide a lower cost alternate supply of lithium hydroxide to global end-use markets. 

Meeting Demand

Due to falling battery costs, Electric Vehicle demand is forecasted to grow 12x by 2030; that’s 31% per year. Part of this growth includes a growing demand for high purity lithium and high-nickel battery materials. That’s where Lithium Hydroxide comes in. Lithium from Spodumene has become the preferred low-cost production route favored by major auto makers, due to it’s advantages over lithium carbonate – specifically, the ability to manufacturer higher performance batteries that enable longer range vehicles.